A simple and easy alternative to auctions or estate selling companies.

We buy household estates due to death, downsizing or divorce. We are quick simple way to prepare property for sale or return rented property to the owner. We will give you a bid for all the contents and remove everything from the home so it is ready for final cleaning. Items that cannot be sold that are usable such as kitchen items or clothes are donated to local charities. Other items are recycled.

Compare all your options – We will give a set price. If you are looking at an auction or estate selling company please compare all the costs associated with those options. At the very lease they should at least guarantee you what we offer, including a complete clean-out. Many auctions will charge you for set up, tear down, advertising and other miscellaneous labor costs and they do not do a final clean up. Estate selling companies will charge you a percentage of what they sell but often you have no control on what they sell things for.

We also offer several other advantages. We have a licensed Real Estate Agent on Staff if you need to sell your property. We also have companies we work with closely that can provide you with final cleaning services or repairs needed to be made. As we pack and move items, we will set aside any personal items, pictures, paperwork we find for return to the family.  Please send pictures and information about your collection to